How I work

I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy, strengths perspective and mindfulness to treat anxiety. I teach how to reality test anxieties, calming techniques such as breathing exercises and guided imagery. In addition, I help with increasing confidence which will in turn also help with defeating anxiety.
Romantic and interpersonal relationships:
I utilize attachment-based therapy by providing psychoeducation about attachment theory and helping you understand what your attachment style is as well as teaching how to recognize the attachment styles of others. As you begin to understand how different attachment styles interact with one another, you’ll gain a better understanding of yourself and your relationships.
Career and Stress Management:
If you’re looking to find a healthy work/life balance, we’ll work together on prioritizing your career and personal goals. I use CBT to help clients feel less overwhelmed with the demands of their daily responsibilities.
I utilize CBT, Mindfulness and Exposure and Response Prevention therapy to help clients overcome the strong psychological pull of obsessions and compulsions.