Is your partner healthy for you?

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10 signs your partner isn’t healthy for you
1. Your partner is controlling – tells you how to dress, how to behave or expects you to act on command.
2. Your partner is disrespectful –  acts as if your feelings, thoughts,and opinions do not matter.
3. Your partner is unappreciative – never thanks you for your efforts and all that you do for the relationship, never goes out of their way to make you feel loved and appreciated.
4. Your partner is unreliable – you cannot depend on your partner because he/she has never followed through on their word and always has excuses for why they did not follow through.
5. Your partner lies – everyone lies but this person lies on a continual basis and then when you catch them in a lie, they’ll deny it.
6. Your partner never apologizes when in the wrong – you are the one who is made to feel as though everything that is wrong with the relationship is your fault because he/she refuses to take responsibility for his/her actions.
7. Your partner does not respond to calls or texts in a timely manner – and when you finally do talk, does not even make mention of the fact that your text message went unanswered 8 hours ago.
8. Your partner tells you they love you but their actions show otherwise –  does nothing to back up words of love with actions of love.
9. Your partner is selfish – everything is about what he/she wants from which movie to go see, where to go on vacation to where the two of you will live.
10. Your partner is manipulative – says things to make you feel guilty even when you did nothing wrong, just to get things done their way.