When is the right time to make your relationship official on Facebook?

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc on Pexels.com
If your relationship is important to you, then you won’t be worried about making it official on social media. People who have strong relationships do not display their affection for each other on their social media accounts. Your relationship is private, and therefore, has no place on social media. So if you’re wondering when is the right time to make your relationship official on social media, the answer is never.
But if you are determined to change your relationship status on Facebook, then it is advisable to approach your partner by using “I” statements when expressing why you would like to change your status online. For example, “I” statements such as “I feel”, “I need”, “I want” to help you express yourself. If the two of you feel comfortable about changing your relationship status online, then it’s important to set boundaries about what will be posted in the future and how frequently posts regarding your relationship will be made, if any at all. If you are changing your relationship status online to let the world know you are off the market, then that should come at a time when the both of you know that you are invested in one another and no longer are interested in dating other people.